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I found myself recently wishing for an ultra simple writing application with the ‘distraction free’ touch and thought I might as well make one that is exactly to my own specifications. As such, Author was born. It is a distraction free, typewriter scrolling text editor with very rudimentary Markdown support (#, for heading, * for bold, / for italic). Other than that there are virtually no features, by design.

The application is created in Python and Gtk using PyGObject and intended for use on the Gnome desktop but theoretically should work anywhere. While Vala would have been a more stable environment to develop in, I chose Python for the speed of development given the simple requirements of the application and ability to rapidly apply changes as I may require additional developmental features in the future.

All in all I am very happy with the product of this project which from ideation to fruition came to be in only two days. See the project page at Github.